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Cook County Jail COVID-19 Response for Chicago Magazine

Gael Neeson for Christie’s Magazine

Catherine Sarr & Naomi Beckwith for FT How To Spend It

Zuzana Burivalova for NEON Magazine

Mariane Ibrahim for FT Weekend

Lee Bey for The New York Times

Art Clay for The Guardian 

Candice Payne for Chicago Magazine

Atman Balakrishnan & Balu Natarajan for The New York Times

Ken Wells for The Wall Street Journal

Belinda Tate for Christie’s Magazine

Amanda Williams for Christie's Magazine


David Berman for Loud & Quiet

Currie High School Sound Lab for Adidas

Virgil Abloh for The New York Times

Boy Scouts’ of America Sex Abuse for Time

Cornel Forge for The Wall Street Journal

Young Whan Choo for The Wall Street Journal 

Arthur Vogel for ROB Magazine

Lianne Kramer for Time

Can You Cure a Domestic Abuser? for The Atlantic

Nancy Strickland for AARP

A Vessell for Carriage